limba romana

The Old Saxon Church

The fortress and the church received a deep restoration during '70 years, geting the formerly magnificency. Even is a little church of a little village, the whole assembly is impresive, with his air of mistery and pride.

The Landscape

The environment surprises by the wide variety. The wonderfull meadows are bordered by wilde forests of oak and beech. The rolling hills crossed by pathes invite you to long walk. All kind af birds chirp around.


The Street

Walk along the peaceful streets. Look to the old fatades. Feel the atmosphere.

The Feltmakers

A group of women was teached to make felt. Yes, they are making feltshoes and hats by hand, from wool to the final product. You can buy nice things at a good price.

The Blacksmith Workshop

Is a good one. More than making horseshoes, he is making hinges for windows and doors, nails and many other things.