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Visiting Transylvania

From time to time, when you try to visit some fortified church, it is possible to find the gates closed. This is because only very few of them are open as museums. Many others, even beeing extraordinary in beauty, are just churches.

But, in every village is a key-keeper, having care about the sanctuary. Ask for this person. He/she will be happy to open. You will have to pay a little fee for the visit, the money supporting the church.

Advice: avoid the lunch time, usualy from 12:00 to 14:00.

The list below contains few data about the key-keeper from some villages.

▪ Alțâna: tel.0269.581157, str. Gării 54;
▪ Apold: tel.0265.713161, house no.224;
▪ Archita: tel.0265.711322, house no.320;
▪ Băgaciu: tel.0265.425693, house no.62;
▪ Bazna: tel.0269.850101,

str. Avram Iancu 121

▪ Biertan: open daily, except Monday


▪ Bratei: tel.0269.863106,

str. Principala no.437;

▪ Câlnic: tel. 0258.747220, house no.478
▪ Cârța: tel. 0269.521125

str. Principala no.110

▪ Cloașterf: house no. 99
▪ Cincșor: tel. 0268.517510 house no.178
▪ Cincu: tel. 0268.244166

str. Principală 354

▪ Cisnădioara: tel. 0269.217846,

house no.50

▪ Copșa Mare: str. Principală 237
▪ Criț: tel. 0740.597493, house no.81
▪ Dârju: tel. 0266.222183
▪ Homorod: tel. 0268.286556,

str. Principală 374

▪ Hosman: tel. 0269.583153,

str. Principală 234

▪ Mălăncrav: house no.140
▪ Meșendorf: house no.102, after 14:00
▪ Moșna: tel. 0269.862154

str. Cetății 531

▪ Richiș: tel. 0269.258429, house no.87

str. Principală 163

▪ Saschiz: ADEPT info-point

tel: 0265.711635

▪ Valea Viilor: tel. 0269.515266,

house no.211

▪ Viscri: house no. 141

April-September: daily 10:00-18:00

When visiting a church, ask if is possible to climb the wood ladder of the tower. The view is astonishing.