limba romana

When visiting the church

The Holy Font. It is the main attraction of the church. Made from the stone of a romanic capitel of XIII century, the holy font is seating on an old column section. They say that the font and the column was part of the little old chapel Alba Ecclesia.

The Museum of the Church. This country museum own many interesting objects. Looking to the old "boxes of the neighbouhood" you will find details about the organisation and duties of the Saxon comunities. There are furniture and typical tools of ancient crafts. And the few original clothes reveal amazing, charming decoration.

The Lard's Room. Even is part of all the fortified Saxon churches, this simple room is interesting because his utility and his very simple rule was maintained till the years '90.

The View from the Tower. Looking all arround from the tower, you will see the tiled roofs of the village between the trees and all the natural surrounding.


The feltmakers workshop

We are organising guided, translated workshops for visitors. During about 90-120 minutes, the craftwoman will show and will explain this hard work. You will see the all the stages and methods of the process and finaly you will understand why a felt is better than another.

You have to book the workshop with minimum ten days in advance. For booking, please here (English, Francaise, Italiano).